Talent Pool

The dynamics of the tech world compel businesses to demand resources with complex, futuristic skills. Infinity is here to help you meet these challenges worldwide. Whether you’re staffing for new application development projects, improving the performance of your existing systems, or migrating to a new platform, Infinity offers a world-class roster of a cost-effective talent pool of verified software and technology professionals with industry-specific knowledge and a wide range of tech skills. From help desk staff to systems support & maintenance teams to multi-talented professionals with advanced IT skills required for complex, cross-functional, multi-tier initiatives, we are the company that has it all!

Employee Testimonials

- Senior Manager 10+ Years

It’s been 10 years with Infinity now. Completing a decade working with amazing people in a great culture has been the most memorable journey of my life. It’s been filled with learning and growing within the organization. I am grateful to all my colleagues in Infinity who had contributed in my journey. I am able to grow professionally and personally, and this wouldn’t be possible without everyone support. I am looking forward to many more years with Infinity learning and growing with an organization which has become an essential part of my life.

- Service Management Executive 5+ Years

Each company develops a corporate persona that may or may not fit your personality. This encompasses many things from ethics to goals to the type of people hired. Through whatever conscious and sub-conscious thought processes, Infinity has always felt like the right place for me to grow and progress. At Infinity, I was not hired for a contract. I was being hired by a company.

- Engineer 5+ Years

The one thing that impressed me most about Infinity during the interview process was the attitude of the people conducting the interview. I got a sense of company loyalty from them mixed with bona fide job satisfaction. I came in believing that Infinity was a flat company in terms of management layers. To me, this implied that everyone in the organization is an integral part of the whole, therefore a team. And I’m glad that I have been proven right in the short time I have been here and hopefully, that feeling will grow as I become more entrenched with the team.

- Junior Engineer 5+ Years

“Flexibility to manage my work hours truly weighted my decision toward Infinity. I feel that my quality of life has significantly improve. A tenure with Infinity has allowed me to meet my family’s needs as well as my own desire to grow and progress my professional career. Flex time, atmosphere, and additional learning coupled with the laid-back atmosphere is great. I saw first-hand how great the work environment and the additional learning aspect was. It’s always good to know that there is a reward for continuing to learn.”