About Us


Founded in 1999, Infinity Tech is a women-owned, global technology resource provider that is slowly changing the way corporate technology solutions and services are delivered. Infinity is an experienced IT Solution & Service provider that has built a heritage of working with clients from diverse industries across the globe for more than 21 years. Our organization is driven by the people-first mantra and our mission has always been to prefer building relationships over building the bottom line. At Infinity, we bring to our clients, who are also our partners in success, the expertise, talent, and methodologies needed to elevate our shared potential to the next level of achievement.

The Infinity Story

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Infinity was incepted with a goal of delivering the best value that our clients deserve while keeping our promise of adhering to quality in the services and resources we provide. To that end, we take our commitment very seriously to deliver digital transformation and technology services from ideation to execution, enabling our valuable clients and partners to outperform and outpace the competition. Here at Infinity, we take an agile, collaborative approach towards creating customized solutions across the physical-digital value chain. Our mission is to help our clients apply our profound expertise towards turning their valuable IT investment into a perennially strategic asset. Whether you need to run your business more efficiently or accelerate revenue growth, at Infinity we promise to be with you all the way there and beyond.

Our distinctive approach goes a long way in ensuring that our client businesses flourish because we don’t just solve the problems our clients face; we identify the problems that are hindering the growth of enterprises and pursue them till they are solved. This approach has helped us nurture lasting relationships with our clients. Infinity has a growing global presence across the Asia-Pacific, Americas, Europe and the Middle East.

We at Infinity believe that we’re not just in the business of designing software frameworks and providing software services. We’re in the business of reshaping and improving everything around us and the services we deliver are just a means to this end, an opportunity to discover and innovative on intelligent ways of solving real-world challenges.


Commitment to Diversity

Commitment to Diversity

Infinity has a long-standing commitment to diversity and inclusion, particularly in the senior leadership ranks for people of color and women. The identification and development of representative business & technology leaders in the current corporate landscape, especially one that is increasingly diverse, is a strategic priority. Our initiatives call to light the complex structural barriers that undergird advantage for some and disadvantage for others, mainly people of color and women. By engaging stakeholders and gatekeepers who are responsible for selecting and promoting leaders in a generative dialogue that broadens the appreciation for the assets and experiences that diversity brings, we are striving to advance equity and positive institutional change.

At Infinity, we are committed to creating leadership that is aimed at achieving tomorrow’s goals and we believe the key to that dream is including and nurturing the diversity we see around us. We hope to attract and retain talent from all walks of life and translate that talent into meaningful careers and the next generation of achievers and leaders. Being a woman-led firm ensures that these core beliefs of diversity and inclusion form a major factor in our success and towards this end, we are making constant efforts to build thought-leadership on fostering an inclusive culture and at partnering with firms that share and encourage our beliefs on diversity.