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SAS  Partner since we were founded in 2009, and recognized by SAS as experts

Cloud hosting and streamlined processes deliver results fast

Develop and implement customized monitoring and maintenance methods specifically for SAS

Secure 3-tier backup system with recovery processes

Transparent Open Information Model – our clients know what’s happening and when

Capability to install and manage SAS systems anywhere in the world

Infrastructure Optimization

Business Intelligence

SAS helps you look at more options, uncover hidden relationships, and make more informed decisions faster than ever. It’s full-size power at any size budget and any scale, giving you the power to leverage your data for your benefit and future growth. SAS data visualization software lets you access, explore, and report on data — wherever you are.

With Infinity’s SAS professionals, the answers are always within reach. Our SAS consultants have experience in a wide variety of projects across a wide range of industries within the international SAS user community. Our talent pool in business intelligence, analytics, and DBA runs deep and wide, from technical to industry specific. Whether your requirement is for consultants that understand the bare metal of how SAS works under the covers, or experts that comprehend and interpret the application of SAS modules on a daily basis for your development teams, our consultants have a proven record of helping our customers leverage maximum value from their SAS investments. Combined with our deep SAS expertise and unparalleled customer service, Infinity has been providing a game-changing competitive advantage to companies of all sizes and industries throughout the world. With our SAS services, you get the edge that will make the difference when it comes to your data & business analytics requirements

Measure Matters

Measure What Matters the Most

Make Informed Decisions

Make Informed Decisions

Expose Threats

Expose Threats

Gain Predictive Insights

Gain Predictive Insights

SAS Service Portfolio

Data Management

Data Management

  • SAS Data Integration Studio: Design and Implement Extract, Transform and Load routines
  • SAS Hadoop Data Loader: Implement data preparation jobs for your Big Data
  • SAS Event Stream Processing: Develop real-time data streaming capabilities for immediate insights
  • SAS DataFlux Data Management: Improve your data quality through cleansing and business rule routines
  • SAS Master Data Management: Enforce better governance through Master Data


  • SAS Visual Analytics & Statistics: Create and run interactive, high performing visual analytic models instantly
  • SAS Office Analytics: Provide the ability to collaborate and share insights better
  • SAS Enterprise BI: Empower your business decisions with intuitive, interactive cloud-based reports
  • SAS Management Console: Solution architecture that helps you easily manage your metadata and logical server
Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics

  • SAS Forecast Server: Automate large scale forecasting. Improve Planning & Decision making
  • SAS Enterprise Miner: Mine evolving data – Create precise Predictive and Descriptive analytical models
  • SAS OR: Optimize business processes with enhanced Operations Research techniques
  • SAS STAT: Solve specialized Enterprise-wide Statistical needs to guide critical decisions.


  • SAS Financial Management: Achieve superior planning, budgeting, consolidation and reporting with compliance
  • SAS Customer Intelligence: Gain 360 degree understanding of your customer and better marketing campaign performance
  • SAS Asset Performance Analytics: Reduce cost and improve efficiency through better insights and analytics on your critical assets
SAS Features
Join Data

Query or Join Data H...

Query a table, or join data from multiple tables

Sort and De-Duplicate

Sort and De-Duplicate...

Query,sort,or de-duplicate the data in an existing Hadoop table

Transpose Data

Transpose Data in Had...

Transpose data from a Hadoop table

Copy Data

Copy Data from Hadoop

Copy Data from Hadoop into a database

Cleanse Data

Cleanse Data in Hadoop

Cleanse data in Hadoop by performing data quality transforms

Profile Data

Profile Data

Generate a profile report of the data in a table

Saved Directives

Saved Directives

Open a previously created directive to run, view or edit

Run Status

Run Status

Show the status of current and previous directive executions

SAS Program

Run a SAS Program

Run in-database data quality SAS programs

Transform Data

Transform Data in Had...

Transform data from a Hadoop table

Copy Data

Copy Data to Hadoop

Copy data from a database into Hadoop

Load Data

Load Data to LASR

Copy data from a source and load it into LASR.Existing data in the target table will be re...

Saved Profile Reports

Saved Profile Reports

Explore previously generated profile reports

SAS Viya

The Infinity SAS team will help you deploy SAS Viya to streamline day-to-day workloads and increase productivity and allow multiple teams to explore the same data at the same time using a visual, coding or REST interface. Reaching solutions faster with their preferred method will help reduce learning curves and accelerate results. With one consistent code base, collaboration is accelerated and employees empowered to get the insights they need.

Data Management

SAS® Viya® exists around a microservices architecture that is easily deployed and scaled, both in the cloud and on-premises. AWS QuickStarts adds capability to facilitate quick cloud deployments, which is being further expanded for Azure and GCP as well. These enable customers to get their SAS Viya environments up and running in around an hour, which is a major step change

Infinity sas capabilities

Statistical Resourcing Solutions

Statistical Resourcing Solutions

  • Business Intelligence and Analytics can find the right resources at the right time for the right duration of your project.
  • We have decades of experience building a network of highly qualified SAS and analytical resources with a proven track record of providing quality services and solutions.
  • We are constantly evaluating feedback from our clients on our team members to make sure that we are aligning ourselves with individuals that are dedicated to delighting our customers.


  • Perform an analysis of data flows and determine if there are inefficiencies in how data is managed
  • Evaluate extraction, transaction and load activities in the search for potential optimization opportunities
  • Evaluate non-SAS data sets and applications for potential migration to SAS products
  • Evaluate reporting from SAS applications to determine if the latest technology and functionality is being used
  • Evaluate the SAS development environment to determine potential improvements in maintainability, reliability and program accuracy
  • Evaluate analytical and modeling techniques
Migration & Upgrades

Migration & Upgrades

  • Requirements gathering of current and desired environment
  • Define necessary testing and/or validation
  • Collaborate with you to create project plan.
  • Perform the installation, upgrade, migration or conversion
  • Perform testing and/or validation
  • Provide Knowledge Transfer for administrators and end users
  • Suggest training path if applicable
  • Provide follow-up support
Application Development Services

Application Development Services

  • Our team of skilled application developers and project managers are skilled in, following the Software Development Lifecycle and managing timelines and appropriate communication levels with our clients throughout every stage of the project.
  • We work in tandem with identified stakeholders from the client to make sure the lines of communication are open and active.
  • Whether you need a custom application built only in SAS or in conjunction with other technologies, Experis Business Intelligence and Analytics can form the right team for your project.


  • Provide support and guidance for your existing SAS Administrator
  • If your organization does not currently have a SAS Administrator, Experis can provide a dedicated resource to serve your team
  • Actively administer and/or monitor your SAS environment remotely
  • Troubleshoot SAS environment performance and functionality issues
  • Collaborate with you on migration, upgrade, and re-architecture activities


  • SAS Metadata User Management
  • SAS Library Management
  • SAS performance tuning and troubleshooting
  • Training for SAS administrators and SAS users
  • SAS environment monitoring
  • Assistance with SAS/Access connectivity to other databases
  • Perform migrations, upgrades, and/or SAS software updates
  • Planning and architecture


  • Introduction to SAS Programming
  • SAS Macro Language Training
  • SAS SQL Language Training
  • Introduction to Enterprise Guide
  • Getting Started with the SAS Enterprise Business Intelligence Platform