The Infinity Smart Sourcing Business Model

Infinity offers a seamless off-site on-site execution platform that is optimized to provide the right combination of services for each scale and type of business, significantly reducing costs and cycle times. We boast a flexible business model that caters to different scales and levels of complex business & technology requirements.

The Infinity business & development teams worked with experts to develop customized business models that address specific business, domain and financial challenges for our diverse client list that includes a portfolio of software companies, sector-specific industries, and software service providers. Called Smart Sourcing, it is a proprietary solutions suite that offers onsite and offshore development efforts in various combinations to suit varied client needs while ensuring high quality, on-time delivery at significantly reduced costs. Under this delivery model, the suite of services offered can be specifically tailored to meet client’s specific requirements and offer them the best value for ROI.

The Smart Sourcing Delivery Model focuses on-site efforts for the SDLC phase of the project. This way, our team of professionals can engage in extensive bidirectional interaction with the client’s business and functional teams to stay in a loop of constant, constructive feedback. This interaction is highly conducive towards for the initial system & infrastructure analysis and the eventual high-level design discussions.

Once the project moves towards the low-level design, development or construction phase, we take it off-shore to save our client time and resources. This is accomplished by simulating client environments based on the in-depth system analysis from the planning phase. The Infinity Offshore Development Facility is a virtual extension of the customer’s operating environment:

Infinity’s exceptional infrastructure ensures a constant stream of communication with the client teams and enables project control, reviews and efficient change management on both sides. Additionally, Infinity ensures a quality Process Management Framework that predefines & tracks all activities during each phase of the project for to ensure quality deliverables at each iteration and the final handover.

Infinity Onsite Ofsite

Dedicated team of qualified and experienced professionals for ODC

Dedicated, globally connected hardware & software infrastructure

Dedicated, high-speed communication framework offering constant connectivity

Dedicated facility with the latest in corporate amenities

Physical & virtual security with iron-clad IP protection suite

Fully equipped & secured offshore development facilities


  • One point of responsibility for code and implementation
  • Continued support and modification of programs as desired
  • Flexible staffing levels throughout project
  • Dedicated client attention when reviewing code and test results


  • Onsite/offsite co-ordination through process & communication framework
  • Agile and coordinated offsite solution development
  • Frequent code walk-throughs and integrated testing through continuous connectivity
  • Onsite final implementation and subsequent off-site support