Healthcare Industry

In a world where pharmaceutical companies strive to get life-transforming treatments into the hands of patients as quickly as possible, embracing digital transformation is essential. Infinity will help you develop an interoperable digital strategy to support themselves through research and development, regulatory challenges and patient connectivity. The ongoing digital revolution is a tremendous opportunity to take advantage of technology to improve how pharmaceutical companies put the customer first while they market, sell, and distribute services & products. Precious data lying dormant so far can now be used to delight consumers, get them the right products at the right time, and work in ways that make employees more efficient and engaged.

Pharmaceuticals Project Profile Snapshot

Voyager Data Repository Tool
Voyager Data Repository Tool

Digital system to manage, monitor & store details of patient activity for deep analysis. Interact with multiple devices and platforms on real-time basis to fetch data and store in a centralized repository. Develop a centralized system to monitor data flow, detailed visual metrics for analytics.

Pharma Product Sentiment Analysis
Pharma Product Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis through NLP, text mining, & speech recognition in context of online customer review mining on pharmaceutical products. Evaluation based on the frequency of medicine usage, customer satisfaction, influential marketing strategy, online pharmaceutical prescriptions, & the of medicines impact analysis.

Facilitated Issue
Facilitated Issue & Risk Surveillance Tool (FIRST) :

Collaborative platform for recording risks & issues for clinical trials

Supply Chain Reinvention
Supply Chain Reinvention :

Harnessing the power of AI, IoT, & ML to reinvent drug manufacturing supply chain & scale production globally